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Japanese Top 1 % Teacher. The experience of over 4000 lessons with 420 students, let's enjoy !
시작 일본일본, Tachikawa 거주 중 (15:57 UTC+09:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2018년 May 8일
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Sep 26, 27. Due to caring for my father, the lesson slots will become few. New students of any level are welcomed! Also, 30-minute and 45-minute lessons are welcomed! わたしの名前(なまえ)はKOZOです。日本(にほん)で生(う)まれ、東京(とうきょう)で育(そだ)ちました。アメリカに4年間(ねんかん)ほど住(す)んでいたことがあります。いくつかの会社(かいしゃ)で翻訳(ほんやく)や通訳(つうやく)をしたことがあり、現在(げんざい)は日本(にほん)に移住(いじゅう)してくる人(ひと)たちが、日本(にほん)での生活(せいかつ)になじめるように、通訳(つうやく)や翻訳(ほんやく)したりして、援助(えんじょ)しています。 My name is Kozo. I was born in Japan and raised in Tokyo. I've lived in the U.S. for 4 years and worked as a translator and interpreter for several companies. I'm helping people who move to Japan to get used to Japanese culture with my translation and interpretation.

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楽(たの)しく日本語(にほんご)を勉強(べんきょう)しましょう! Let's Enjoy Studying Japanese! (30 and 45 minute-lessons are also welcomed!)
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I really like Kozo-san's class! He has a really good knowledge of grammar which is really helpful when he explains certain sentence structures. It's also super interesting to hear about his experiences as a language professional. I enjoyed our class and look forward to more!
2023년 9월 24일
drew roberts
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If you’re new to Japanese you’ll love starting Kozos class. This was my first lesson with Kozo and I loved it! He is a perfect teacher for beginners like myself. Upon booking he reached out and introduced himself in a personable way. I let him know my goals to practice conversation I’ve learned from my outside studies. During the meeting he’s very patient and came prepared. I’m amazed how quickly he was able to establish my level of conversation skills and adapt, as some other inexperienced tutors I found myself confused often. Thank you and I look forward to continuing to learn and practice with you!
2022년 6월 25일
kent tran
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I have had the pleasure of learning from Kozo sensei for the last 6 months and over 50 lessons. He is a very good teacher, always patient and kind to you and never makes you feel bad for making mistakes. I encourage anyone who prefers a softer style of teaching to take lessons with Kozo sensei because he will make you feel comfortable enough to continue studying. The main highlights of his classes are: 1) Always fun classes, keeps you motivated to continue 2) Does not stress you out 3) Always supportive 4) Well prepared, with topics to study and/or books to follow 5) Individual tailored teaching 6) Not strict / casual style 7) Flexible and doesn’t follow rigid structures 8) Can change topics to whatever you’re interested in It was very much fun learning from you Kozo sensei, thank you very very much for the time you’ve spent with me.
2021년 1월 12일
Alice Wise
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Every lesson is engaging and rewarding! I feel like I learn extremely versatile and useful Japanese every lesson and using Tobira in conjunction with free talk has been invaluable. The homework is great too!
2023년 9월 27일
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Worked on more reading skills today. I believe that I'm getting better the more that I take the classes with Kozo-san.
2023년 9월 24일
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2023년 9월 22일
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