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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2019년 Oct 22일
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🌸 I specialize in teaching natural Japanese that isn't covered in textbooks 🌸All levels from scratch to advanced 🌸Exam preparation (JLPT) 🌸Correction of various documents 🌸I can teach a wide range of ages, from children to adults 🌸Having your partner join our lesson is absolutely okay, but please let me know in advance when you book my lesson.

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For my new students★learn Japanese with textbook & free conversation【Adult】
A1 -  C2


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USD 18.00+
For my Regular students★ who have completed 10 or more lessons with me 【Adult】
A1 -  C2


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USD 15.00+
패키지(1% 할인가)
For my VIP students ★ who have completed 50 or more lessons with me. It's big offer 【Adult】
A1 -  C2


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USD 10.00+

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G. K.
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강사님의 선택
Today was my final lesson before my trip to Japan. かずみ先生 has done a wonderful job teaching me relevant phrases, vocabulary, and even signs that will be useful while I'm away. Very grateful to have found such a patient and encouraging teacher with a good sense of humour to boot. かずみ先生、ありがとうございます!Looking forward to our future lessons.
2023년 10월 22일
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강사님의 선택
Today Kazumi Sensei kindly help me with lots of JLPT question types including grammar, sentence structure and listening. Practising with Kazumi Sensei makes me more confident about the test 😊 I also learned that it’s important to read and listen to the question very carefully! 😄 いつもありがとうございます!
2023년 7월 8일
Xuan Le (スアン)
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강사님의 선택
Today I just got my JPLT N2 test result. can't believe that I passed. My level was around above N4 (completed Minna no Nihongo, the red one in language school, and the blue one myself) at the time I started to take lessons with her. After 2.5 months of studying (3times/week), I decided to take JPLT N2. And I told her that I already registered for the test level N2. I just had 2.5 months (exactly 2.5 months and 4 days) to prepare for the test. It was extremely crazy but she supported me and made me feel I could do it. She prepared N2 level questions for me. Though she can speak English, she always tries to explain in Japanese in simple ways so that I do not only understand the meaning of words but also the situation using them. Studying with her, I feel very positive and want to study more and more. Kazumi sensei, Thank you so much, without you, I cannot stand any chance to pass that test. From now, please help me more in speaking and reading. いつもお世話になっております。次のレッスンが楽しみにしています。
2022년 1월 24일
55개의 일본어 강의
Today Kazumi Sensei prepared a lesson about tea 🍵It was an amazing coincidence because I’d just received some Japanese tea お土産!It was very interesting to read the various preparation methods, and the next time I make 玄米茶 it might taste even better! Thank you for another fun and helpful lesson, ありがとうございました!
2024년 2월 24일
55개의 일본어 강의
Thanks to all of the lessons I have had with Kazumi Sensei, I passed the JLPT! I’m very grateful for the teachings and support 🙏I’m going to go for the next level later this year! In todays lesson Kazumi Sensei kindly helped me prepare for hosting Japanese guests 😄 I had some questions about etiquette and Kazumi Sensei gave me examples from experiences in Europe. It was very helpful and a lot of fun! I feel much more confident. Thank you for everything as always! いつもありがとうございます!
2024년 2월 10일
Kenny Barrett
20개의 일본어 강의
Kazumi Sensei is a wonderful teacher! She is very patient and makes difficult topics a lot easier to understand. Her English is very good too. Thank you so much for all of your help!
2024년 2월 9일
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