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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2020년 Feb 4일
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Hi everyone! I'm Carolin and I'm a professional native German teacher with 6 years of teaching experience of all levels from complete beginners to proficiency level. I have a bachelor's and a master's degree in German as a Foreign Language and studied neuroscience facts about brain-based language learning. I've taught children, students, adults and seniors in different countries like Germany, Indonesia and Colombia. Now I'm an online German teacher and focus on adults.

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191 lessons completed
USD 9.00+
German Conversation (from B1)
B1 -  C2

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292 lessons completed
USD 42.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
Test Preparation
A1 -  C1

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254 lessons completed
USD 42.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
Individual German Language Lessons (A1-C2)
A1 -  C1


1,286 lessons completed
USD 42.00+
패키지(2% 할인가)
Exam Writing Course
A1 -  C2

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1 lessons completed
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209개의 평가

Nikita Liu
49개의 독일어 강의
강사님의 선택
A great lesson as always and a particularly fun theme today! I feel like I’ve made lots of progress since I started taking lessons with Carolin. Previously, I was really only able to understand German but I am now comfortable speaking it too. :)
2023년 5월 11일
Lisa Gildehaus
169개의 독일어 강의
강사님의 선택
I have been studying with Carolin for a year and a half. She is an excellent German teacher. She makes the lessons fun and challenging, addresses grammatical and structural problems I have, and is very professional. I highly recommend her if you're looking for a German teacher.
2022년 1월 10일
142개의 독일어 강의
강사님의 선택
I've had lessons with Carolin for almost a year, and I cannot express how my German got better. In the beginning, I was barely able to say a simple sentence without thinking 5 minutes about it. Now my vocabulary is wider, and I can use complex sentences without thinking much about the word order. I'm taking general lessons, and even though we mostly speak in these classes, I decided to take also conversations because practice makes perfect. Carolin prepares her lessons to be accurate with both topics and language. Lessons are very well structured, and the atmosphere in class is relaxed. You don't have to be afraid of making mistakes. Thank you, Carolin, for the best time I'm having in our classes. My German got 100% better, and it's also thanks to you. 💚🙏
2021년 4월 23일
111개의 독일어 강의
Ihr Unterricht ist immer sehr produktiv, interessante Themen, Maßgeschneidert! Mit Ihrem Unterricht kann man viel lernen mit Spaß und sich sehr verbessern!! Vielen Dank!!
2023년 7월 27일
111개의 독일어 강의
Vielen Dank für Ihre ausgezeichnete Stunde wie immer!
2023년 4월 28일
Lorenzo Peña
25개의 독일어 강의
After going through A2 with Carolin, I can only recommend her as a German teacher. She's flexible and thoughtful, and makes the most of our time to best acommodate for my needs as student. Her classes are engaging, balanced and fun. I always know where I am and what the goals of every lesson are. The materials she provides are excellent, not only for the class where they are presented, but also for quick reference as you progress further. Needless to say, I will continue through B1 with Carolin.
2023년 4월 17일
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