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시작 독일독일, Saarbrucken 거주 중 (10:08 UTC+02:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2020년 May 11일
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Hello my name is Janine and I teach German, English and Spanish here on italki. I have a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in teaching and I love languages. In my free time, I enjoy reading books in the three languages I speak and teach. Moreover, I watch movies and TV shows in the original version. I'm also interested in Positive Psychology and acting and I'm a part-time princess for children's birthday parties and other events.

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169 lessons completed
USD 24.00+
Learn German: General lessons for all levels (with or without a book)
A1 -  C2


1,938 lessons completed
USD 26.00+
Learn German: Conversation for all levels
A1 -  C2

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373 lessons completed
USD 26.00+
패키지(3% 할인가)
German Exam Preparation / Deutsch Prüfungsvorbereitung
A1 -  C2

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171 lessons completed
USD 30.00+
Business German
A1 -  C2


18 lessons completed
USD 33.00+
German Proofreading
A1 -  C2


8 lessons completed
USD 33.00+
Learn German with Märchen (fairytales) for levels B1-C2
B1 -  C2


6 lessons completed
USD 27.00+

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221개의 평가

Mariana Bentancor
32개의 독일어 강의
강사님의 선택
I was very nervous before the lesson since I didn't know anything, but Janine was very encouraging and patient. I had a lot of fun and learned a lot. Danke! I'm already looking forward to our next lesson :D
2022년 2월 2일
77개의 독일어 강의
강사님의 선택
Sehr gut. Ich lerne viel über Deutsche Grammatik. Ich verstehe die Deutsche Satzstruktur besser. Janine ist Super. Sie erklärt die Thema einfacher. Vielen Dank. Bis bald.
2021년 10월 5일
James Tuplin
437개의 독일어 강의
강사님의 선택
I have lived in and struggled to learn German for over 15 years. I'll be honest, I was beginning to think I would never be able to speak and understand all the intricacies of the language, that is until Janine became my teacher. She has taken me, where all others have failed, from barely being able to string a sentence together to building me up now where I feel confident in myself and confident speaking to her and others. She learns you how to actually SPEAK German. Learn by doing..... speaking! Janine makes you feel both comfortable and supported in learning. Her explanations to difficult grammar questions are also simple to follow and she makes learning both easy and fun. If Janine can learn me German, she can learn you too! I cannot recommend her highly enough. Thankyou for everything!
2020년 12월 22일
Maggie Salak
2개의 독일어 강의
The teacher is very friendly and keeps the conversation going. Unfortunately, the prepared material was too easy for my level. The teacher also didn't correct me when I made mistakes or suggest a different way of expressing the same meaning.
2023년 10월 2일
Ryella X
5개의 독일어 강의
My latest German course with Janine was another enriching experience. We kicked off with enjoyable small talk before diving into the main topic of discussion. Janine showcased her responsibility and reactivity, seamlessly guiding the conversation and supporting the selection of upcoming topics. Her dedication to fostering a conducive learning environment is truly commendable.
2023년 9월 27일
Ryella X
5개의 독일어 강의
As with every session, our latest German course began with engaging small talks before delving into the topics we'd planned the previous week. Janine never fails to impress with her thorough preparation and interactive teaching style. Despite facing technical issues on italki today, she took the initiative to address the problem and offered alternative solutions. Her proactive approach and adaptability are commendable.
2023년 9월 20일
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