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Conversation practise for Professionals! Comprehensive feedback!
시작 독일독일, Berlin 거주 중 (10:20 UTC+02:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Mar 22일
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Hi there: I am Sascha, I am a german native speaker, born and raised in Karlsruhe. Currently I am living in Berlin. After my german Abitur I did an apprenticeship (Duale Ausbildung) as a Bank Clerk for two years and then went on to study International Business and English/Spanish language for Business use. I worked internationally as coordinator for Exhibition & Trade-Fair Logistics, EPC Project Logistics as well in sales and tourism as key account manager. In my spare time I love to tour with my bicycle, my longest journey took me some 20.000 kms trough 22 european countries. I have lived in Iraq, Spain, Ukraine and Portugal and am passionate about plant-based food and a vegan lifestyle.

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Ich hatte eine sehr gute Vorbereitung für die Prüfung Wirtschaftsdeutsch International mit Sascha, der sehr hilfreich und nett ist. Sascha hat nicht nur nützliche Tipps zu den sprachlichen Aspekten, sondern auch sehr interessante inhaltliche Kommentare zu den Übungen gegeben. Ich kann Sascha herzlich denjenigen, die Wirtschaftsdeutsch lernen wollen, empfehlen.
2021년 5월 14일
Adam Z
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Sascha ist ein sympathischer Gesprächspartner, vielen Dank!
2022년 1월 21일
Victoria Canduela
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Good teacher and good class. We have some connectivity issues that Sascha told me will be solved by next week. Thanks
2022년 1월 13일
Albin Moser
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Our conversations in German were very helpful. In spite of doing 600 days of Duolingo, I need to do much more speaking in German. I appreciated very much Sascha's patience, interest, and help during our five conversational sessions.
2021년 6월 5일
Brian Melchers
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Very good feedback.
2021년 5월 30일
Albin Moser
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We had a good conversation. Sacha filled in blanks as I tried to speak German. We have one more session left: June 4.
2021년 5월 21일
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