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Master of TCSL from HONG KONG University, over 8 years teaching experience
시작 중국중국, Beijing 거주 중 (07:10 UTC+08:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Feb 5일
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EDUCATION Master of education Hong Kong University香港大学 Majoring in Teaching Chinese as Foreign language国际汉语教学 Bachelor of Art Beijing Normal University北京师范大学 Majoring in Teaching Chinese as Foreign language国际汉语教学 WORKING EXPERIENCE 2019 – 2022 Online Chinese teacher for kids Shenzhen timeless language institution 2014 – 2018 Language teacher & supervisor of oversea students Beijing Normal University Zhuhai Campus 2012-2013 IB MYP Chinese teacher 香港弘立书院 The Independent Schools Foundation Academy

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시범 수업
173개 강의 완료됨
USD 10.00+
Chinese conversational practice\Short-term spoken Chinese
A1 -  C2

회화 연습

787개 강의 완료됨
USD 15.00+
패키지(3% 할인가)
FUN Chinese for children and teenagers | YCT |IB Chinese| 中小学语文课程
A1 -  C2


2,684개 강의 완료됨
USD 15.00+
패키지(6% 할인가)
Chinese For Adult ( Customized Chinese Class\ Business Chinese\ Reading and writing etc.) ALL LEVELS
A1 -  C2


513개 강의 완료됨
USD 15.00+
패키지(3% 할인가)
HSK test preparation \ Ancient Chinese
A2 -  C2

시험 준비

177개 강의 완료됨
USD 15.00+
패키지(3% 할인가)
20 Classes package for Long term students
A2 -  C2


2,001개 강의 완료됨
USD 15.00+
패키지(6% 할인가)

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Jonathan Ko
38개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
강사님의 선택
I have been with this teacher for many lessons now, and she does not disappoint. When I am doing well, we go quickly, when I am slow to catch on, we slow down and make sure to cover what I struggle with. Additionally, she will share cultural points of China when the opportunity arises! Very good teacher, very effective!
2023년 9월 14일
54개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
강사님의 선택
I wholeheartedly recommend Teacher Tara. She is not just experienced, kind, encouraging and well-prepared, but also fits each lesson to the student's level and needs. She can slow down/speed up/try a different approach during the lesson to help the student better understand, which is a true sign of a capable and empathetic teacher. My daughter loves to have lessons with Teacher Tara!
2022년 11월 26일
Hugo Dean
71개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
강사님의 선택
Tara is an amazing teacher. I love that she is firm with my son and sticks to an organized curriculum. We have worked with a few teachers and Tara has become our go to instructor. Keep up the great work Tara! We are so pleased. ☺️
2022년 1월 8일
6개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
Absolutely love Tara! I cannot wait for my next lesson with her! Thanks for all your help in getting me ready for Taiwan!!!
2023년 11월 11일
6개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
I love working with Tara! Every lesson she is very patient and answers my many questions with calm and care. I also love how accommodating she is. I will be going to Taiwan next week for vacation with my family and I requested to do more classes before I go so we can practice speaking. She graciously fit me into her schedule. I cannot wait to see where this journey takes us!
2023년 11월 8일
hector paiz
4개의 중국어(북경어) 강의
Another amazing lesson! She makes Chinese so easy to understand. Her explanations are crystal clear and provides great examples.
2023년 11월 7일
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