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楽しく日本語を学ぼう!Have fun learning Japanese!
시작 일본일본, Utsunomiya 거주 중 (03:26 UTC+09:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Jun 8일
흥미로운 주제음악여행음식
こんにちは。ありさと申します。年齢は30代です。関東に住んでいて標準語を話します。好きなことは音楽、舞台鑑賞、旅行、グルメ、散歩です。最近の趣味は、推し活とドラマ鑑賞です。ワーキングホリデーでカナダとオーストラリアに住んだことがあります。英語は日常会話程度話せます。日本語教師歴は約2年間オンラインで日本語を教えています。ナチュラルな会話が得意です。去年、日本語教師の資格を取得しました。よろしくお願いします🌸 Hi! My name is Alisa. I am in my thirties. I live in Kanto and speak standard Japanese. I like music, watching stages, traveling, gourmet food, and taking walks. My recent hobbies are "推し活" and watching dramas. I have lived in Canada and Australia on a working holiday. I can speak English for daily conversation. I have been teaching Japanese online for about two years. Good at natural conversation. Last year, I obtained a Japanese teacher's license. Thank you.

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Kevin Tran
41개의 일본어 강의
I learned a lot of new words and expressions in this lesson!
2023년 5월 22일
Kevin Tran
41개의 일본어 강의
I've been taking Alisa's lessons regularly for about a year and 3 months so far, but I'm writing my first review now. As an intermediate Japanese learner, Alisa's lessons have been extremely helpful to me. Her experience living aboard allows us to engage in various interesting conversations, which allow me to practice using Japanese in many different ways. She’s very patient when I’m struggling to form sentences and gives me many useful pointers on pronunciation and how to speak like a native Japanese. I usually do 90 minute lessons with her but the time always passes by fast while we are talking. In addition, she works hard to make sure I am satisfied with her lessons. She messages me after lessons to make sure I understand any grammar points she brings up in her lessons. She shares useful documents with me before my vacation to Japan. I cannot recommend her enough to any intermediate learner of Japanese. I plan to continue booking lessons with her, hopefully for a very long time.
2023년 5월 15일
Isabella Smith
6개의 일본어 강의
She was very fun to talk to and we were able to talk almost completely in Japanese despite my almost complete inability to develop a reply
2023년 4월 1일
1개의 일본어 강의
2023년 3월 15일
Huyen Phan
7개의 일본어 강의
2023년 2월 17일
kim minhyeon
5개의 일본어 강의
너무 좋은 강의 감사합니다^^공부를 할 수 있는 관련들도 많이 알수있어서 정말 좋아요.
2023년 1월 26일
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