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Ein nettes Gespräch bei einer Tasse Tee ~
시작 오스트리아오스트리아, Vienna 거주 중 (16:23 UTC+02:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2022년 Apr 5일
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Hallo! Ich bin Cornelius aus Österreich! Ich bin 25 Jahre alt und studiere Linguistik an der Universität Graz! Ich lese für mein Leben gerne und Sprachen haben mich schon immer fasziniert. Nach meinem Studium möchte ich Deutschlehrer für Ausländer*innen werden. Ich bin ein sehr positiver Mensch und freue mich immer, neue Leute kennenzulernen! ☀ Hey, I am Cornelius from Austria! I am 23 years old and I study Linguistics at the University of Graz. I love to read and I've always been fascinated by languages. After my studies I aim to become a German teacher for foreigners. I'm a very positive human being and I love meeting new people! ☀

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Gesprächsübung / Conversation Practice
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강사님의 선택
Cornelius ist sehr geduldig und unterstützend. Dank ihm habe ich weniger Angst, auf Deutsch zu sprechen. Die Unterrichtsstunden mit Cornelius machen auch immer Spaß. Herzlichen Dank und bis nächstes Mal, Cornelius!
2022년 11월 20일
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Cornelius ist wirklich wunderbar als Tutor und auch als Mensch. Er ist sympathisch, geduldig, schlau, lustig und ein großartiger Gesprächspartner. Mit ihm als Tutor hat sich mein Deutschniveau in drei Monaten sehr verbessert. Ich empfehle ihn Tausendmal !
2022년 7월 18일
Ioana Popescu
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The lesson was really nice! I felt very comfortable blurting out the little German that I know lol. I think Cornelius is a great conversational partner! He knows how to be patient but also when to intervene to help you out and I really appreciated that he also told me about how German is spoken in Austria vs how it is spoken in Germany. Looking forward to the next classes! Danke!
2022년 4월 10일
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Cornelius is super comfortable to talk to and corrects you in a way that feels like learning rather than being condescended too. Super chill and helpful.
2023년 8월 29일
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I am loving the conversation practice - everything from the important topics - insights into the language - developing my confidence in the relaxed conversations and even going off topic to talk about squirrel tales and other things of interest. Cornelius has a great tone and pace and clarity which makes the conversation really accessible for me but on request brings out the Austrian accent to give a taste of reality when in the country. I don’t think i could have found a better tutor for conversation practice and i feel the sessions are directed perfectly to my level.
2023년 8월 3일
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Such a relaxed, first session with great conversation and tips and laughs. I’ve booked another one immediately and can’t wait to continue with the conversation practice. Highly recommended.
2023년 7월 27일
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