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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Mar 15일
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I am Max from Germany. Learning languages is my passion. Currently I am learning my fourth language.

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Talk with a native speaker / Conversation Practice (All levels)
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I will write in English so I can properly convey how helpful Max has been for my German. Max is a great teacher, super supportive and a nice guy (which helps!). He has helped me immeasurably in improving all aspects of my German. He took away the apprehension of speaking straight away and his lessons are always fun, varied and informative. He allows the conversation to flow and corrects me as and when which I find is definitely the best way to do it. The lesson structure varies and I take something new away from each lesson. Ich werde den letzten Teil auf Deutsch schreiben: Danke Max und ich würde ihn sehr empfehlen!
2022년 1월 13일
Saar Nechemia
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This is my fourth lesson with Max. Every lesson feels different and addresses different aspects of the German language, along with fun and interactive games that fit my hobbies (like geography quizzes). I highly recommend Max if you're interested in having fun conversations or if you want to learn grammar and vocabulary more thoroughly - Max does both very well!
2021년 9월 20일
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Another great lesson with Max. I highly recommend lessons with Max. The conversation practice is helping me tremendously and his feedback is spot-on, just the right amount of correction and information to keep improving without being overwhelmed.
2021년 5월 19일
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Very good. Max is a really wonderful teacher. He is patient, knowledge and provides engaging lessons to keep progressing you forward. Highly recommend!
2023년 9월 28일
Carmela Daza
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Ein spontanes Gespräch mit guten Korrekturen. Super nützlich
2023년 9월 26일
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I cant say enough about my lesson with Max today. his explanations were so clear. i understood so much of what he was saying. And today was a light bulb moment. lets not forget his patience, listening closely to what i am saying and correcting me and smiling about it! Very motivating!
2023년 9월 22일
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