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Teacher with over 3 years experience
시작 벨로루시벨로루시, Minsk 거주 중 (18:45 UTC+03:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Aug 18일
흥미로운 주제스포츠예술동물
Hi. I'm Nastya. I'm from Belarus. Currently, I'm a university student who is studying the Manager of culture studies; My country has two national languages the Russian and Belarusian. I can speak Russian, Belarusian, English. I can understand Ukrainian and Polish as it's so similar to the Belarusian language. I can also speak a bit of Chinese. I know what it means to study a foreign language. I will share my skills in learning a new language and how to go through this challenging period.

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🇧🇾learning of the Belarusian language for beginner\ вывучэнне беларускай мовы для пачаткоўцаў🇧🇾🧸✨
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Anastasia is a great tutor. Very professional, passionate about the class and really cares for her students. Anastasia helped me a lot during my studies, I would highly recommend not only for beginners, but also for experienced speakers!
2021년 10월 6일
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I have been studying Russian for a few years now, and I highly recommend Nastya if you are looking to improve your Russian skills. You can tell that Nastya studies languages herself, because she knows how to help with grammar, sentence structure, and phrasing. Nastya lets you speak as much as you want in the lesson, and corrects and explains any mistakes you make in a very comprehensive (and patient) way. After just a few lessons I can tell that I am speaking more smoothly and have increased my vocabulary. I also appreciate that the lessons are fun and interesting. I look forward to our lessons, and the memorable conversations help me remember what I've learned. I would like to reach and advanced level of Russian someday and I think that these lessons will be instrumental in reaching that goal. Nastya is a great teacher for those learning Russian at any level.
2021년 10월 3일
Benjamin Bascom
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This was a fantastic lesson. I initally booked with Nastya when I joined italki, but cancelled the lesson after I found a suitable tutor. She followed up to ask why I cancelled, and I decided since she was so proactive why not give it a try! We decided to focus on pronunciation and boy did I learn a lot. She taught me a fun trick for pronouncing ы, and we started right from the beginning, the alphabet and she didnt let me progress until I got it perfect! Strict? Yes. But I had gotten lazy in my other lessons moving quickly and slurring my words to try to go faster. By slowing me down and insisting I get it right, she taught me so much in just 30 minutes and I am so grateful I decided to uncancel our lesson. I will definitely continue with her in the future! I hope one day she teaches me a couple phrases in Belarussian :)
2023년 11월 29일
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It was intense lesson today.We talked about countries and I learned a lot of vocabulary
2023년 10월 2일
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Anastasiya is a very good teacher.We made a dense but instructive lesson with lot of interaction speaking of ourselves.Da skoro !
2023년 9월 18일
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Большое спасибо!
2023년 9월 17일
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