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시작 일본미국, Houston 거주 중 (16:42 UTC+09:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Apr 30일
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My name is Rie. I was born and raised in Japan. I graduated university in the United States. I’ve lived in Singapore for 2 years and the states for several years. 


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**FOR ADULTS** - Japanese for beginners
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**FOR ADULTS / 大人向け** - Informal Tutoring
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**30 MINUTES ONE TIME ONLY**FOR ADULTS /大人向け** TRIAL - for students who have used 3 trial lessons on italki!
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"The Best Teacher in Town". Rie sensei will teach you grammar and a lot of vocabulary that are useful in daily conversation. She always listens to you very attentively and helps to correct your grammar. A very bright and sunny person that you can feel very safe and comfortable to talk with. Learn a lot of stuff and have a lot of fun in each lesson. Thank youuuuu!
2021년 8월 11일
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Rie is an amazing teacher and always is engaging, attentive, and supportive. She is very good at keeping conversation going even when you’re struggling and has a positive attitude. She puts you at ease and classes are fun. Overall a great teacher.
2021년 6월 30일
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My second class with Rie and it was amazing! I am still very, very new to Japanese and am not confident speaking out loud. However, Rie was patient and kind when it came to by not-so-good にほんご. We did a scenario where I was a customer in a コンビニ, and she was the store clerk. The visual and her type things out really helped a lot. I can read words and phrases I understand, but hearing them is something I'm working on. ありがとうございます!
2023년 9월 27일
Alice Wise
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Always amazing lessons full of lots of learning!
2023년 9월 25일
Timothy Doersam
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Rie is awesome! Very supportive and motivating, and she does a great job explaining where you made a mistake and how to correct it! I highly recommend her, and she does great with providing materials and lesson breakdowns!
2023년 9월 24일
7개의 일본어 강의
Once again, another excellent lesson down. Clear goals given and a successful lesson, thank you for the continuous help and effort that you put into teaching!
2023년 9월 24일
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