Abdelrahman Ahmed

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Arabic , Islamic and Qur'an teacher, I studied at Al-Azhar university, long experience in teaching
시작 이집트이집트, El Mansoura 거주 중 (03:56 UTC+03:00)
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italki 강사 시작 연도: 2021년 Aug 4일
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Alsalamualaikum I am Abdedrahman Ahmed, I am from Egypt, I study at Al-Azhar University, which is the best scientific university concerned with teaching Arabic, Islamic sciences and tagwed, I am a native Arabic speaker (I can speak Standard Arabic and Egyptian), I can teach in English to non-Arabic speakers, I worked in many scientific institutions and academies in Egypt and abroad as an online teacher of Arabic for non-native speakers

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Ola G.
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Mr. Abdelrahman was of great assistance. He helped clarify a lot of ambiguities I had about Modern Standard Arabic (Fus-ha) I had an interview in MSA and wanted to brush up on my Fus-ha (Modern Standard Arabic MSA) skills. I was able to pass the interview confidently thanks to his instructions. he's very pathetic and an amazing listener. he's also very courteous and professional in his approach. He stayed 25 mins past the end time of the session and offered help anytime I am in need of assistance. ساعدني الاستاذ عبدالرحمن كثيرا في التدرب على التحدث يالفصحى حيث كان لدي مقابلة عمل بالفصحى و شعرت اثناء المقابلة بالثقة حيث انه لفت نظري الى العديد من الطرق التي مكنتني من ادراج بعض المصطلحات البليغة في حديثي و كذلك من صقل لغة الحوار. استاذ عبدالرحمن مهذب و خلوق ولم يخف أي معلومة و لكنه ايضا ظل معي لمدة ٢٥ دقيقة بعد انتهاء الحصة و عرض المساعدة اي وقت احتاجت الى توضيح يخص اللغة العربية.
2021년 9월 2일
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awesome 👍
2021년 8월 17일
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Dr. Abdurahman is an excellent teacher. He is very knowledgeable. I am satisfied with the advance level of his teaching. He is extremely professional and flexible to change class time . He is always there to help and answer my questions. He corrects my writing and grammar in an encouraging way. Thank you Dr Abdelrahman.
2023년 4월 2일
Greg H
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Dr. Abdelrahman is an excellent teacher because he is patient, attentive, flexible, and very knowledgeable of Arabic (Classical, MSA, dialects)
2022년 7월 28일
Greg H
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He is an excellent teacher who is available to help anyone with learning Arabic. He helped me with dialect, classical Arabic, and modern standard Arabic. I highly recommend him!!
2022년 7월 26일
Greg H
7개의 아랍어 강의
Dr Abdelrahman is an excellent teacher. He has a vast knowledge of Arabic language and Islamic. I highly recommend him!
2022년 7월 17일
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