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How long does it take to learn Hindi?

*.Average hours required on online platforms to reach language proficiency equivalent to a college semester of language study (48 hours on Avg.)

Hindi is not an easy language, and it may take several years to learn it fluently. The time you need depends on various factors, such as the time you dedicate to learning Hindi, your attitude towards the learning process, the teacher you study with, etc. Among all these factors, your teacher's role is crucial. A good Hindi teacher will guide you step by step and help you learn the language more efficiently and speed up the learning process.

What is the best way to learn Hindi?

There are many methods to learn Hindi, and online training has become very popular in recent years. But the best way to learn Hindi is by hiring an online private teacher on italki. An online Hindi teacher will initially focus on the basics and gradually lead you to complex topics. Thus, you can learn Hindi within a reasonable time on italki.com.

Hindi for Beginners

Master the basics and start having Hindi conversations in no time with help from an experienced Hindi teacher.


Hindi for Business

Expand your professional network and start increasing international business opportunities with business Hindi.


Hindi Test Preparation

Put your language learning skills to the test and pass any Hindi exam with flying colors.


Why is learning Hindi with a private teacher the best way to learn Hindi?

The advantages of learning Hindi with a private teacher are numerous. And hiring an online private teacher on italki has many benefits compared to traditional online courses:

  • A private Hindi teacher observes you and designs a personal tailor-made plan to learn Hindi at your own pace and convenience.
  • They will focus on your learning obstacles and difficulties and help you work upon them.
  • The Hindi teachers on italki engage you in real-life conversations to provide you with more practical experience compared to a conventional language course.
  • Your private teacher encourages you along your learning journey and helps you develop the confidence you need to learn Hindi.
  • On italki, you could ask your private Hindi tutor any questions and clear any doubts you may have about the language, unlike traditional language courses.

Why learn Hindi?

Hindi is a widely popular language in Asia and is spoken by more than 550 million people worldwide.

Hindi is a widely popular language in Asia and is spoken by more than 550 million people worldwide. India's official language is spoken in many other countries like Nepal, Mauritius, Fiji, Pakistan, etc. It is an Indo-European language, similar to Sanskrit and Urdu languages.

There are many reasons to learn Hindi.

India is a progressive country and plays a significant role in global trade. Indian Universities maintain a standard quality of education and attract international students from all corners of the world. Moreover, many multinational companies have their branches in India. That's why it's not surprising that the demand and interest in learning Hindi have increased over the past ten years. Learning Hindi also will allow you to admire the diverse culture and religion of a secular country like India. You'll be able to experience Bollywood movies, Hindi literature, poetry, and music in the best possible way.

These are only a few of the many good reasons to learn Hindi now!

So, hurry up and start learning Hindi with an online Hindi teacher on italki!

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