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How long does it take to learn Spanish?

*.Average hours required on online platforms to reach language proficiency equivalent to a college semester of language study (48 hours on Avg.)

Spanish is not a difficult language to learn, and you could only need 1-2 years to master the language. However, the time it takes to learn Spanish depends on the time you devote to learning, your attitude towards the process, the teacher who trains you, your mother tongue, etc. An essential factor that will influence your learning experience is your teacher. An experienced Spanish teacher will use a personalized approach and teaching tools to help you learn Spanish in a reasonable time.

What is the best way to learn Spanish?

There are different ways to learn the language, but learning Spanish with a private teacher is probably the most effective. Hiring an online Spanish teacher on italki will make a big difference compared to traditional language courses and most learning methods. A trained Spanish teacher will give you the needed guidance and assistance to learn Spanish effectively and within a reasonable time.

Spanish for Beginners

Learn Spanish the way you want! Find teachers as per your learning goals. Best for beginners of Spanish.


Spanish for Business

Traveling for work? Applying for a job abroad? Be better positioned with real communication skills in Spanish.


Spanish Test Preparation

Pass DELE, CELU, and other Spanish language exams with flying colors with help from qualified Spanish teachers.


Why is learning Spanish with a private teacher the best way to learn Spanish?

The advantages of learning Spanish with a private teacher on italki, compared to enrolling in online language courses are numerous:

  • The Spanish teacher will develop a personalized study plan according to your level and learning objectives.
  • They will present to your real-life situations and provide more practical knowledge of the Spanish language.
  • They will alter their teaching style at your pace and comfort level.
  • Your online Spanish teacher will help you work on the problematic aspects of the language and encourage you during the learning process.
  • You will always have their full attention, and your teacher will answer any questions you may have about the Spanish language.

Why learn Spanish?

Spanish is the most studied language in the United States and the third most learned in the world.

Spanish is the most studied language in the United States and the third most learned in the world. It is the official language of more than 20 nations, including Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Chile, and Bolivia. Approximately 550 million people speak Spanish worldwide, including 460 million native speakers. Owing to the popularity of the language, the number of Spanish speakers is increasing at an incredible pace.

There are many benefits to learning Spanish.

Many developed countries, like the US and Spain have a large Spanish-speaking population. They are leading players in global trade and have increased demand for Spanish speakers. Learning Spanish will enhance your resume and open up a new world full of employment and business opportunities. It will also give you an edge over other candidates for admission in Universities in Spanish speaking countries or even in the US, where the language remains very popular. Learning Spanish will connect you to millions of Spanish speakers worldwide and help you build new relationships. You can also travel to various Spanish-speaking countries and get insights into their vibrant culture, lifestyle, art, music, literature, and food.

These are only a few of the many reasons to learn Spanish now!

So, try your hand on learning Spanish by hiring an online Spanish teacher on italki!

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