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Uit AustraliëWoont in Lyon, Frankrijk (07:26 UTC+01:00)
⭐⭐⭐ Native English speaker to help improve your speaking confidence and conversational skills ⭐⭐⭐
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Hey everyone! I'm Sean, a native English speaker born in Melbourne, Australia with 5 years tutoring experience (I guarantee a ★★★★★ experience!) but I'm currently studying economics and management in Lyon, France. I enjoy listening to music, watching films and series, playing sport, reading, cooking, debating politics and of course learning languages! Above all, I love meeting new people, learning about different cultures and developing relationships. I look forward to meeting you! FR: Si vous êtes français.e.s et vous cherchez à améliorer votre anglais mes cours seront particulièrement accessibles. De plus si vous vouz trouvez à Lyon on pourrait même se retrouver autour d'un bon café ;)

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💬 English Conversation (improve your confidence with feedback and a personalised study plan)
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Keuze van de leerkracht
Sean is a fantastic English tutor ! I'm happy that I met him at this very moment when I strongly need to meet my 2023 goal related to English. Sean provides great materials and topics. He asks interesting questions, so we can have productive discussions. Thanks to him, I do not only improve my speaking skills, but also widen my knowledge. He also gives helpful corrections when needed. His guidance and support help me to stay motivated and inspired. I'm looking forward to our next lessons !
5 feb 2023
Ai T
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Keuze van de leerkracht
Sean is a wonderful teacher and I’d recommend him for everyone without doubts. Very student-centred and he made sure my preference of correction which was truly helpful. I’ve felt more confident than before the class started. Also he created a document with some error corrections so I can reflect on my mistakes and work on that after the lesson. Thank you so much!
11 feb 2022
Vlad Zholnerchuk
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Keuze van de leerkracht
I’m happy to have found Sean! He’s extremely helpful and responsive. I think he’s one of the most reliable teachers I’ve ever met. What’s more, he learns a foreign language himself so he’s got a bunch of valuable tips on how to improve your skills. Also, Sean’s so inspiring with his approach to the process, work; it just makes me a better student myself! I can’t recommend him enough
5 feb 2022
chao wang
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Sean is really helpful. Thanks a lot.
12 jan 2023
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Absolutely great. You told me so many interesting things and I look forward to learning more. Thank you very much!
18 dec 2022
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I think Sean is a very good teacher. I learn a lot from talking with him, not only as an English teacher, but also because he is very knowledgeable. I enjoy exchanging opinions. This time he chose two articles from an Australian newspaper about Black Friday sale and lowering the voting age. He sends me three questions in advance with the article, and I come up with my text by answering them. He is an effective proofreader and changes my text to academic and professional levels. I really appreciate his services and dedication.
15 dec 2022
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