June B A
I am 26 y.o, soon to be a mommy. And I wish I could be good in English so I can teach English to my children. I wish they are smart, happy and always blessed by Allah. There is nothing wrong with only one language but if you can make it two, why you don't? Then, how many kids do you prefer guys? 🤣🤣
Feb 25, 2021 11:16 PM
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I am 26 years old, and I will soon be a mother. I wish that I could become good at English as I can then teach it to my children later. They hopefully will be smart, happy, and always blessed by Allah. There is certainly nothing wrong with knowing only one language, but if you can know two of them, why wouldn't you? Now, guys, how many kids do you want to have? 🤣🤣
Hi June B A. Good job and very funny! Although I easily understood everything you wrote, whatever changes I made were merely to allow your sentences to sound more natural to my native ears, to clarify your thoughts, and for ease of reading. I hope that this helps you. P.S. Yes, I, too, hope that your children, as well as you yourself, will always be blessed by Allah.
February 26, 2021
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