Day 2 Ok, today let's talk about used platforms. I'm very glad that Italki connected in this year, because it isn't so great idea to create an Instagram lock-in event. Firstly, there are people who have no Insta-account for some reasons. Yep, seriously, in 2k20. It seems that it isn't a big deal in current time of social nets, but it was allowed to use only Instagram all previous years. Secondly, if these people create accounts, they won't take a part in the event, because ... an author don't trust in fresh accounts, because he can't get: which of them are true fresh people or which of them are additional accounts (not main). It sounds like Catch 22. Thirdly, let it be additional accounts, why not? What are your problems, guys? It is a practice of English or a witch-hunt? Maybe the reason is that the sponsors don't want get new subscribers without subscribers? It is so non-commercial event, isn't it? I understand that it's your game - your rules, but ... don't be evil :) #moreфон2020
Dec 2, 2020 8:53 AM