Once upon a time. One man and one woman met each other. It was in the wood near the castl. Their meeting influenced to all kindom. But it was a long time ago. Now this Kingdom is called Russia, and those young people named Rurik and Efanda. They were a beautiful couple, and had many children, but we know just one of them - Igor. How they met? It's an interesting story. Ruric woke up and decided to walk in the park, but his dad called him to throne room and said to him: "Ruric I have  pretty daughters, but I have only one son. And all my daughter married yet, and only you don't have own heir and this a terrible situation for us. You have to married too, like your sisters, and give us another heir". Ruric was shocked, but the father's will is the law. He said that he would be find bride. He went to the garden and started to wander around. He thought and thought again about father's words. And suddenly he heard a loudly sound. He turned and saw her. It was Efanda. She rode on a black horse and tried to get into deer. But the horse stoped when it saw Ruric, and Efanda flew into the brushes. This sound and heard by our Ruric. What happened next?
Dec 2, 2020 10:38 AM
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Nice story
December 2, 2020