Now is the second day of the #moreфон2020, and I’d like to talk about another great thing. Thank this one we can enjoy our life and have a good time. Moreover, this is an amazing feature that helps us to make other great things: films, books, technologies (hi, Voyager!), video games and so on. Of course, I mean our imagination. So let’s imagine that I’m stuck in a time loop. You can come across this issue in different movies: Groundhog Day, Edge of Tomorrow, Palm Springs, etc. Many movies depict this plot. And I guess that many people imagine what they would do in this case. How to solve the problem? Okay, I wake up and realize that this day replicates the previous one. Of course, I’m overwhelmed and try to explain it to my parents, friends and everyone…but it doesn’t make sense. After a while (maybe in 2414897 days) I’m relaxed, and I start evaluating my prospects. What should I do to relieve my physical and mental health? Well, it would be perfect to learn meditation and become a master in it. This skill would help me to stay mellow and happy. The second step could be education. I have all the time of this world, I don’t get old, and I remember everything! I could spend all my money on learning languages and other stuff because I couldn't spend money 🙂 Okay, it sounds very sophisticated but let me be clear…of course, I’d do crazy things that I couldn’t do before my Groundhog Day. But I’d give up doing this after meditation (hahaha, no). And finally, I’d hope that this timeless will finish and I'd come back to my normal life… So, what about you? Do you have any ideas regarding this case? Or do you have another imaginary plot? 🙂 P.S. Check out “Palm Spring” this film is pretty nice!
Dec 2, 2020 4:38 PM