Day 2 Today I would like to share with you what I like. So, πŸ‘‰I am an explorer - I like to try something new. πŸ‘‰I like to deep practice πŸ‘‰I like to share my experience. These three things allow me to get enjoyful from any chaos around me, find interesting people, hidden places, beautiful nature and become a better (I am not sure, but I hopeπŸ˜…) what are the things give you maximum a joyful and inspiration from your daily life?
Dec 2, 2020 6:59 PM
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Teaching art to children makes me feel better. They are so brave. Children are one of my most important inspiration sources.
December 2, 2020
Hey, I can help you learn English and we can practice together. Add me. :) Happy learning!
December 3, 2020
Can I say: I hope my email is not caughting you off guard?
December 2, 2020