Tivolla Rosse
Очередной кусочек из книги. Day 2 -Madam, everything is ready, it's time to get dressed for the ball, said one of the maids, squatting in a curtsy to me. I nodded and stood up. I was immediately served with a towel. Having wrapped myself in it, I went into the room. Indeed, everything was ready. There was a knock on the door. -Come in, I said. Nikalas entered the room. He was already in full dress. Dark hair is smoothly combed, falls freely over the shoulders, a black and silver camisole, the same trousers, boots, a sword hangs on its side. -Everything is ready, he said, sitting down in one of the chairs. He carefully examined the room, dress, me - there are many guests. There are from other Limits. -As always, I said. Nothing new, Nick. - Well, I would not say so, - said the vampire thoughtfully, - There is one head of the squad, he wants to get your audience tete-a-tete. - What kind of squad? - Called "Black Lilies", the head of the squad Liran Olars. Well I was sitting and the maid was combing my hair, Nick did not see how I clenched my hand into a fist, so my knuckles turned white. The maid noticed, but did not dare to say anything. Good girl. Trying to remain calm and calm, she turned towards the Prince. Introduce him first to me, I said, looking the vampire in the eye. But this is a violation of etiquette, objected Nikalas. I said, introduce him to me first, and that's it, Nick, I said with steel in my voice, Otherwise Ill go up to him myself. - Okay, I get it, - Nick said with a sigh, - No more violations of etiquette? - No, just that. Okay, I'll go check the others. I nodded. He went out. This cannot be a coincidence. This cannot be. My heart sank at the thought of meeting, losing rhythm. Excitement swept all over me. If this is him, then I can succeed. I can find. The connection was not broken, it remained. So there is a chance to find.
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