Goryacheva Evgeniya
2/31. Today was a really sad day), I'm writing about it here,because I can. So if you had an amazing day full of joy and happiness, then it is better for you - DO NOT READ THIS! This is my diary, I can write here whatever I want. So, let's start. First. my friend spoiled my series. He simply said when and how the main character would die. That is fine. I just were enjoying this for a month soo.. that was too long to be good Second.Then my boss yelled at me not because of my fault and insulted me in front of my collegues . We have a project manager at work, she is also the deputy of our department. She never controls how the work process goes. On November 9, a new project began. The person who worked on this project did nothing. I mean really nothing. I was assigned to this project (26 November) . I prepared a presentation for 4 days (as best I could). I was scolded by my boss for not doing anything for a month! what the socks!, I want to ask. This female-dog covered her back part just by leaving the meeting. I answered him and explaind situation. Then he was better but by the way that was a f-ing mess. Third. My friends and I have a Telegramm chat, and there one of my friends wrote that she does not understand why feminism is needed at all. The short argument is that she could get an education, work, personal money, the ability to have an abortion, walk down the street without a man's escort, and have legal protection in court. These arguments did not satisfy her. Fantasy...I will try here down below because in German I'm more calm and peacefull) The MIRACLE and FANTASY are- I surrived this day!) Jemand aus diesen Community hat bereits über Christmas Advent gesprochen. In Deutschland sind die Menschen einfach von diesem Urlaub besessen. Es beginnt 4 Wochen vor Weihnachten und während dieser Zeit werden die Deutschen verrückt 😜. La prossima volta inizierò a scrivere dall'italiano e poi dal tedesco. Sarà più onesto in questo mondo)
Dec 2, 2020 8:31 PM
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Sometimes such kind of sh*t happens... But you should be strong because after terrible days come good ones 🌞 hold on!
December 3, 2020
This text is super cool...I just wonder why everyone is writing about anything but not given topic. I mean there are topics for every day, today it is "teacher". Yesterday it was "fantasy" So aren't we supposed to write sth connected with teacher?
December 3, 2020
Hi, can I practice English speaking with you?
December 3, 2020