Hi there🙋🏻‍♀️ Today I’m introducing you the TraDie Diary ❤️I was in between choosing travel 🧭 or foodie 📔, so I chose to combine both💁🏻‍♀️ Today we are exploring Russia🇷🇺 Since the second topic was #Fantasy I added the “firebird”🔥 (magical burning bird in Slavic folklore) on the first page. I have never been in Russia(except the airport but I don’t count it 😅)My dream is to visit Hermitage museum in St. Petersburg💔 It‘s so beautiful. What to eat: 🍽 Bliny-thin🥞 perfect breakfast 🍽 Borsh-soup❤️ 🍽 Piroshki-swipe till the end to see,what I baked👩🏻‍🍳, least esthetic photo of the poll 🍽Pelmeni-kind of small dumplings Basic vocabulary: (I’m writing with English letters so everyone can read😬) 🗣Privet -Hi 🗣 Spasibo-Thank you🗣Horosho-Good P.S. stay tuned for the next country/region😬#moreфон2020#moreфон_italki#italki #tradie#russia#moscow
Dec 2, 2020 10:10 PM