Day 3 Ok, yesterday I told about negative influence of Instagram and today I'm going to continue this theme. Why attaching a picture to post is mandatory? It is still about language practice or not? Maybe it will be too shocking for the target audience if they look at the text without an accompanying picture, ah? And their god will punish everyone who don't use emoji, right? One more annoying thing is requirements to subscribe. Okay, dude, you can challenge yourself, but if you want to be together with "cool guys", you must subscribe, repost, use only main account, attach a picture, ... What about a helicopter and a million dollars? It's just a diary, come on. Perhaps rejecting prizes is mind-breaker idea. No prizes = no sponsor's conditions = no dirty tricks. Just you and a language, improving your level is the best reward, imho. #moreфон2020
Dec 3, 2020 9:06 AM