Day 3. Although this photo depicts a slight hint to a much more tremendous change, I can only afford to choose the Chinese characters in the background for the topic. I've been teaching English for a few months by now, and discovering how deep my love to the language is every lesson makes me compare this feeling to the one I have to Chinese. The feeling I've lost. Almost. There is a tiny glimpse of hope that the characters I still enjoy writing or the culture I'm still keen on learning about are going to win over my heart again. Nonetheless, I would most likely have given up on it completely by now if I weren't to finish my degree. Maybe, I wasn't lucky enough to have the right teachers. I've had a couple of the adorable ones who are probably to blame for the fact I haven't withdrawn from the university yet, though. I've learnt a lot about the job of a teacher from my own experience, and it turns out you may be perfect to one student yet hideous to another. There's much more to teaching than knowing the subject and the methodology, although they do matter too. Perhaps, one must have some kind of a deeper connection to their student's very personality, the nature of which is barely explainable by any scientific data present. I would love to figure sth out about it, though. And maybe I would love to live in a simpler world where I could have maintained my love to Chinese. And could have cultivated a love for languages in students of all kinds.
Dec 3, 2020 3:14 PM