Cyrill Human
Day 3 Teacher. I have no idea what to write about on this topic. So I'm gonna talk about what I know the best - movies and tv-series. Who's excited? I guess only me😂 My top 1, my go-to tv-show when there's nothing good to watch is –drum-roll– The Office (USA). Of course, it's The Office. What else did you expect? Game of Thrones? Have you seen their disastrous (Omg, I was so mad about that😄) last season? It was awful. Yuck. "Spit it out, this is bad"😝 But you still can watch the first seasons. They're good. They went off with the right foot at first and ended up being taken down from my Top 1 list. Good job, guys😄 Sorry, I digressed a bit (This is a really touchy for me. I can go on for hours about that😂) Okay, The Office. The best show ever. Period. You beg to differ? Okay, write your best tv-show in the comment below and I'll check it out. I promise☺️ Have you ever seen a show so well-made, so thought through? This show has a heart (God, I'm gonna cry😭). Every character are so well-fit together, like a puzzle. I bow down before this show. How many memes, gags have you seen from the tv-show? Probably millions. So check this out guys. And, if you know good recommendations, please, text me about that. I'm always in Pursuit of Happiness (good films). Did you get the reference?😉 Right, you're a smart boy/girl, are ya?🙂 Oh, guys, if you you don't know what to write about, just try rambling about anything that comes to mind. Yes, probably, you won't bang out the best post of the week, but at least, you're gonna write. And that's I call a progress. Okay, love y'all. Peace😘 #moreфон2020 #moreфон_italki
Dec 3, 2020 6:43 PM