Kuzneteov Artyom
Post in English #moreфон2020 Day 2/31(368 day) Fantasy Oh, fantasy! fantasy  is my weakness. I like to fantasise a lot, my favourite genre of book is fantasy and I can continue this for a very long time. Sometimes I can live in my imagination and I don’t need anything more except me and my head. How can anyone not love fantasy? Of course, it’s a little joke and I know that all people are different. But how many diverse worlds can create imagination of people is something crazy. But this is just the tip of the iceberg! Fantasy literally moves the world along the path of progress. Smartphones, internet, TV, computers, musical instruments  and a lot of different things that surround you and even your clothes are all the imagination of the people who came up with it. Well, this is the reason why it’s so hard to talk about fantasy. That word means too much. But as all staff in our world this has a downside. A lot of terrible things were created because of it too. Our fears were birth from it. Anyway, I can talk about it endlessly, so  I need to finish. I wish you to cultivate a good imagination in life and control the bad side of it. And now goodbye everyone and have a nice day! P.S I wonder how many times I wrote «fantasy» and «imagination» Эх, забыл скопировать пост вчера в Italki.
Dec 3, 2020 7:35 PM