Day 4 #moreфон2020 Let’s welcome Clover🍀. Clover is an educational quadcopter kit that allows you to learn assembling (soldering, electrical schematic, functionality), piloting and programming. I have been involved in the teacher robotics area in 2017 - this profession gave me the unreal baggage of knowledge, networking and community. it is unforgettable feeling, when you can combine the details, adjust sensors and perform the first real flight - amazing? Not at all. You can go deeper — program your own robot and enjoy it. And then you can share your result with other drone enthusiasts, get feedback and mutual help. I guess that it is main values and we should to save and share it widely. P.S. drones can’t fly on the Moon atmosphere, but drones can make you closer to it. Try to find your own Moon. #svetk0moreфон2020 🍀
Dec 4, 2020 9:18 AM
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Sounds super interesting!
December 4, 2020
It was very interesting to read your post! Thank you!
December 4, 2020