Day 4 ¡Hola! (Hi) I was going to tell about my first step in studying Spanish but today I want to tear the canvas of my narrative. I've been listening to the radio Cadena SER for 2 weeks. Cadena SER it's something like our 'Russkoe radio'. They talk about everything. There are news programmes at the beginning of every hour, and they start with the saying of current time. As any radio does. But as it seemed to me they say, for example "son cinco y media en Canarias" which means 'It's 5. 30 p.m. in Canarian time. I couldn't understand why the radio en Madrid saying the Canary Islands time. I couldn't find the answer on the Internet, maybe because I'm a bit stupid. Then one of my friends advised me to ask people on Quora. Ok, I'm A2 in Spanish, at least I think so, I'm capable to ask simple questions. Three persons answered to me (at this moment). The first said that I understood it wrong. Actually the presentors say 'son seis y media, cinco y media en Canarias'. And yes, this is the answer. I'm a bit deaf and they speak so quickly that I got it wrong. In fact the say 'It's 6.30 p. m. and 5.30 in Canarian time'. They always say two 'times', because Canary islands are the remote part of Spain and they are in the other timezone. But I want to say about the other thing. Second person analized my name and surname and explained me the same things using the example of time difference between Moscow and Vladivostok. The third one published a map with timezones and explained me which part of Canary Islands is in another timezone.🙂 It is not for the first time I asked Spaniards for help. And they are always extremely helpful and nice. I was going to say 'thanks' to all the people who helped me with Spanish in my last post of the moreфон, but I decided to do it now. Thanks, people. And I'll do it again. I don't think it's useless to listen to the radio with A2. Because I understand something, I listen to the natives and I get used to the intonation of the language.
Dec 4, 2020 12:44 PM
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Ограничение на длину поста - абсолютное зло!
December 4, 2020