Hi ! My name is Léa I’m french If you want to speak with me in English or french come on. I’ m going to describe myself : • I practice dance • I like anime like Naruto, HunterXhunter • I spend my time on TikTok ( I like this application) • I reply to the message fairly quickly • For song I like pop, a little beat of American rap, I love Harry Styles and One direction I hope you will talk to me 😊
Dec 4, 2020 6:34 PM
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hello lea i want to talk with you
December 8, 2020
I want 😇
December 5, 2020
Lea yes tell me. I can help you with English. If interested message me
December 5, 2020
Bonjour Lea, I can help with your English if you don’t mind helping me with my french. :)
December 23, 2020
Text me
December 9, 2020
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