Day 4 Today theme are videogames 🎮 . (I will try add more smileys) I like games ❤️. My favourite games are Oxygen not Include and Rimworld. I like its for those thoughtfulness (wow), balans ⚖️ and detail of a mechanics. For instance in ONY good physics of the thermodynamics 🌡️. I'm study a processes, steps in the developing a games 🛠️. In particular I'm Interested at coding and psychology 🧠 of player. I'm begining game developer. Genres of interested to me are mind-breakers 🤔 and strategy. Some people think videogames bad influence to an human, or make a people stupid, or force to making suicide (yeah, such a persons is be). But exist a researches which proved that this is not so. Write what you think about it or if I have got mistakes. Good luck!
Dec 4, 2020 7:05 PM