Day 4 — December, 4th Today, for the first time since Monday, I went out for a #walk, because the weather was nice. There I ran into my former classmate whom I hadn't seen for many months, took a walk near the school located in close vicinity and, having come up with nothing more original, decided to take an #evening photo of the lights of #highrisebuildings. In my opinion, it turned out to be #charming in its own way☺ This time you won't read a coherent text from me again. What else can I tell you? I tried to find the channel "Golden Collection of Mosfilm" for my mum on TV, but to no avail. The #consumersociety is dragging us deeper and deeper to the bottom😔 I also watched today the next episode of the analytical program I discovered a couple of weeks ago🧐 If you wanna listen to the careful consideration on current #political topics by competent observers without any hysteria or twisting of the facts, you aren't gonna remain indifferent. Imagine my surprise when I found such a program on TV of Ukraine, the country in which, as it seemed to me, the screws for even the slightest #leftist views were tightened even more than in Russia🤔 This is a revival of the format of #internationalpanorama that was broadcast in #soviet times. If you like such shows, be sure to check this out😉: #moreфон_italki #прогулка #вечер #огнимногоэтажек #очаровательно #золотаяколлекциямосфильма #обществопотребления #политика #закручиваниегаек #международнаяпанорама
Dec 4, 2020 9:30 PM