#moreфон2020 Day 5/31. I recently read a good book with common people's questions and answers of wise people. People visited the wise man and asked him questions. They were looking for advice and help. And the book consists of his answers. One of the questions was about depression. The sad woman who asked the question told every night she watched the ghost sitting on the wall. The woman said it was scary. The wise man answered her question: “Imagine you have a lot of bags and packs in front, behind and beside you. All day long just gather the good feelings, sensations and optimistic experiences from everywhere in your life and put them all together into these bags and packets. And every evening all of your bags should be filled with joy and miracles. And every night, before you go to bed, take all those miracles, all the joy and wonders from your bags to your bedroom, put them on your bed, pillows and on the floor. Put the ghost there too. Because ghosts also belong to miracles. If you do it continuously for several days, soon you will see your sadness gone away " The wise man's words are nice and useful, aren't they? I translated it into English as accurately as I could.😅
Dec 5, 2020 5:09 PM