Day 5 Is being a celebrity a walk in the park? I think there is cornucopia of disadvantages of stardom. A-list stars is usually being followed by paparazzi or crazy stalkers. They are deprived of private life ‘cause even high walls around their mansions couldn’t help against curious fans and annoying photographers. With the advent of the Internet and technologies becomes easier to be subject to ridicule for unflattering photos which been taken at any moment of presence a big name on the streets. Also cancel culture is booming nowadays. It’s another disconcerting tendency when someone dig up some dirt from ages ago and portray a star as a 100% villain. I admit there is a virtue of Cancel culture like when community disapprove inappropriate behavior of individuals but what if the person just went astray and realized their mistake or wasn’t really intended to insult anybody? Correct me , please, if you see a mistake. ❤️
Dec 5, 2020 8:08 PM