Kuzneteov Artyom
Post in English #moreфон2020 Day 5/31(371 day) Fragrance Okay, I’ve already written post about the fragrance. Let’s try again, maybe I will think up something. I wrote that I don’t think that it’s something important and I don’t have any idea what I can write about it. Maybe it’s because you don’t have any associations until you feel the same or similar smell.  It’s kid of some nostalgic when you see or smell something familiar from you past or even from childhood. Especially this applies to the most common smells. For examples, potatoes, sauce, wooden and you go back in time to the dacha where you grandmother feeds you something delicious. And you get a little sad because your grandma is gone and you don't eat her delicious food anymore. Of course, I can say a lot of examples like that, but I won’t be. I think you get the point. I believe I said enough about this topic, so let’s talk about my live if you don’t mind. First day of studying at the castle. You know after starting my study I didn’t have a single full day of studying, but only distance learning and yesterday I had my first. I went to the castle yesterday. Unfortunately, I'll only go to the castle once a week and another day I will have distance learning. I hope that after the new year I will go there more often.
Dec 5, 2020 9:47 PM