Day 6. Being in a new city, I must look like a Chinese tourist to others. Not that I believe in stereotypes, but according to my experience, most people imagine a weird smiling guy taking photos of everything and with everything when hearing the collocation. Photos are history, what can I do about it? Anyway, this mouse near some university in Novosibirsk knitting the DNA helix reminds me of, probably, the most global change I've made in my life so far. We've got no control over our genes, neither can we decide what family to grow up in. But some families collapse, and so did mine a couple of years ago, triggering a severe divide to emerge. Returning to the DNA: I'm no expert in genetics but I do still remember from the school curriculum that we inevitably consist of our relatives' genes, there's no single way to change that. Besides the bio side, though, we have a social one in ourselves, and that's where the changes take place. The family I belong to has halved this year, and that was up to me to decide. The people I was in large part raised by have no idea what my life has been like since the farewell, and it works both ways. I wonder if the connection has disappeared completely. Something tells me it hasn't. I laugh and joke as much as I can, trying to ignore that itching inside. There are lessons to learn, so I keep my chin up, hoping that's the harshest lose for me to take.
Dec 6, 2020 1:29 PM