Day 6. ¡Hola! You obviously can't start the studying of the new language with the natives if you don't know elementary vocabulary or basic grammar, at least you should understand how to ask the questions and be able to understand something in the answers. But I was keen with the idea not to use Russian at all. There are some channels on the YouTube where native teachers teach you Spanish in English. But I, by chance, found a brilliant teacher on the channel which name(the name of the channel) I didn't remember and it's not really matter because now he has his own channel. His name is Danny Evans (the channel name is 'The Language Tutor') I listened to his course 'Español for beginners', but he also teaches French. He is American, he travels a lot to the Spanish-speaking countries and he is a brilliant teacher. Sometimes it's a bit fun. For example when he talks about reflexive verbs he starts with explanation what it is, because they are not so common in English. But in Russian we use it all the time but in my opinion they are much easier in Russian because you just should add particular postfix to the verb. That's all. Without inderect (or direct) object pronounes!!!! Honestly, Spanish reflexive verbs and direct and indirect objects drive me mad every time. Also it is also interesting to listen to explanation why Spaniards say 'Me gusta' (which really means I pleased with something) instead of just saying 'I like', but we do exactly the same thing in Russian. We say 'I'm pleased with something' too. I'm not even talking about verb's conjugations. Congratulations, hispanohablantes, you have more verb's form than we have. Some say the studying of the new languages could prevent Alzheimer. I started at 34 I have a good chance to remember all the form for the couple of verbs. Which ones to chooce? But I want to say, step by step Danny Evans explains me everything. He has a great community on Facebook where you can ask questions or share your experience. ¡Adiós!
Dec 6, 2020 4:32 PM
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Mañana escribe en español 🙏🙏🙏😅
December 6, 2020