#moreфон2020 More volnuyetsya #6 A beginning of the third year of the university. On one of the subjects, the teacher asked what we would like to have more next 4 months, and everyone agreed they want to get more practical skills. And since I was studying to be an editor, we were proposed to create our own student magazine. No way, finally the end of the theory - it's the turn of practice! . But when we started to discuss what our magazine will be about, I faced the problem - most everyone wanted to make a “classic” magazine, with a standard rubrics, standard topics… But I disagreed and said I have no desire to do a magazine like this, I will do my own apart.  . But later few fellow students join to my project, which the main idea was to do something outside the box. We reflected on the title and found “EXPROMT” the best one because it was about created as if suddenly, as a result of improvisation. I didn't want to force people to write about something specific, so everyone has chosen the topic which the soul lay to.  . It was 2011, and next year Ukraine had to host a football tournament EURO 2012. Been totally mad regarding football, I decided to write about preparation for the tournament. But I had to do it with that number of words how much is left before the start of the tournament. For example, 187 days to the EURO, so my article should have 187 words, no more, no less😅
Dec 6, 2020 9:59 PM