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Hi everyone , I am jolly, m 34 year old,very new here,i do not know how is this app work,but yes I found one platform to express my feeling, because I am so alone.and feeling like same from 12 years, I have done my engineering and then I lost my parents, my father was a government service men, we are 2 brother, after this accident ,my brain was not able and I lost my memory, before 1 month I came in my sence ,am struggling with these touch screen Android phone, my brother looks very older to me, and I do nt have to see my face in mirror , my brother is with is wife now, he gave me a room to live alone. And one phone,. I used this phone and try to meet some good people, to tell me about the world,never ever I want to be alone, because no one is here , and I don't have dare to speak these words in front on any one, but yes it important to say" God made me like this, but I hops some people are out thr or reading this will help me, or can give a nice environment to survive in this world, I am crying just help me my friends😭
Jun 11, 2021 5:56 PM
Practical Experiance
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