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The Little Blue Riding Hood Once upon a time in a certain town, there dwelt a boy named Little Blue Riding Hood. One day his mother asked him to bring a basket with some tea and a piece of apple pie inside to his grandmother. So the young boy set off into the woods. After walking for a while , he met a sly and greedy tiger. The little boy, who did not know how dangerous tigers were, said " Good morning " . The tiger asked, " where are you going ? " .The Little Blue Riding Hood said that his mother had ordered him to bring some food to his grandmother. The tiger thought of a feast: this little boy and his grandma. The tiger sneakily coaxed the Little Blue Riding Hood into telling him where his grandmother lived. The little boy who was so keen to talk to the tiger that he had forgotten not to talk to strangers. The tiger told Little Blue Riding Hood that there was a big field of flowers. " You could bring some flowers to your grandmother. I am sure she would like some of it ” While the boy went to the field picking up flowers, the tiger took a short path to his grandmother's house. The Little Blue Riding Hood had been chasing a butterfly and running after bees before he remembered why he was in the woods. When the tiger arrived at the grandmother's house, he tapped on the front door. " Who's there?" The grandmother asked inside. " It is your grandson Little Blue Riding Hood." replied the tiger, counterfeiting the little boy's voice. The grandmother who was ill in bed, calling out " Pull the latch." The tiger pulled the latch and the door opened. He jumped upon the bed and ate the old woman up. Such a greedy beast the tiger was. He went into the grandmother's bed, expecting Little Blue Riding Hood as an extra meal. Little Blue Riding Hood, who came sometime afterwards, tapped the door. Can any one correct me ?
Jun 13, 2021 4:50 PM
Yi chen
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