There are few things that make me happy as much as food does. On weekends I allow myself to eat some not so healthy food such as hamburgers and donuts. On Saturday night, Junior and I had hamburgers for dinner and yesterday his father ordered donuts! I spent the whole afternoon with them. Talita and Yasmin were also there, and Yasmin and I spent the whole afternoon playing “Perfil”. On the Internet it says the game is based on a game called “20 questions”. My plans for yesterday were staying home and reading, but it was fun to be with them. Sometimes I think I’m becoming a little bit reclusive due to the Pandemic. Or maybe, I’ve just learned how to better enjoy my own company. I went to my workplace today, because I have one group that has traditional classes, or in person classes. There are two new students, I mean, they've already studied at Wise Up, but this module, they hadn't showed up until tonight. Sadly, it seems that they have forgotten lots of things, and I really don't know what I can do to help them. I believe I would have to change this mindset about studying English, to make them understand that it's a long journey to learn a foreign language. Since I'm on vacation from college, I have more free time to sleep late or sleep in, to read my books, to study and prepare my English classes, to crochet and color my coloring book. However, not everything is so easy. Tomorrow, I have to meet our "orientadora", to receive some feedback on our first chapter of our final paper. The ideal thing to do is to get some advantage on our vacation to write the next chapters of our final paper.
Jun 23, 2021 4:24 PM