#essay #for&against #vegetarianism #vegetarian #diet #health Hi guys I’ve just written this essay. I’d be happy to have your comments and guidances Hope to like it Becoming a vegetarian, healthy eating style or a threat to the body? Health is one the momentous issues in everybody’s life and vegetarianism has become a very popular healthy diet in recent years while there are lots of different views over this style and each side has its own determined fans and apologists. To begin with, apologists who are defending vegetarianism believe that animals have living right and we are not allowed to take their life for our purposes. In addition they point to the harms and diseases caused by excessive use of meat like Gout and Colon cancer. On the other hand, many people talks about the necessities of meat such as being a rich source of protein and also many other vitamins. Furthermore, they emphasize that disadvantage of meat can be easily solved by having a balanced use of meat in our weekly diet. Apart from these, they mention that omitting a good source of essential vitamins can be harmful as well unless you go under the supervision of an expert nutrition doctor that obviously is not affordable for every individuals. All in all, despite of many benefits of being a vegetarian, I myself strongly believe that vegetarianism equals with taking risks and pushing yourself into an unpleasant and monotonous world while a moderate consumption of meat would enrich your body and serving you with the best ever created taste at the same time. (236 words)
Oct 21, 2020 7:10 AM
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