A girl saw a spider and screamed. Girl:Take it out! The boy went out for an hour. Girl:What took you so long? Boy:You told me to take the spider out.We had some drinks.He is a cool guy who wants to be a web developer. take sb. out 带某人出去 take sth. out的意思是“移走,移开某物”,而take sb. out的意思则是“带某人出去(吃饭、看电影等)”,一般指出去约会、请客等。 例句 We managed to get our boss to take us out for a meal. 我们成功说服老板带我们出去吃饭。 The new Minions movie is out. I’m taking the whole family out to the cinema. 新的小黄人电影上映了。我要带全家人去看。 web 网络;蜘蛛网 web developer 的意思是“网页开发者”。不过对于蜘蛛来说,它应该只是想好好织网(spin a web)吧。 例句 I was so bored that I watched the spider spin a perfect web outside the window. 我无聊到看着窗外的蜘蛛结了一张完整的网。
Nov 11, 2021 1:32 PM