Recommendation to “read an atlas” I like reading atlas. Do you like doing that? Reading atlas always gives you a lot of new information. It is such as what you have never know of your country and the place, and fun of virtual trip. In the first place, you can find new place of your country. For example, I found that there is gounogawa river in Shimane prefecture when I read the map of Chugoku and Shikoku area. I, actually, like history. I had already known that the first wife of Hidetada, the second shogun of Edo shogunate, was called Goh. I thought funny then because there is a river having same name. Like this way, I always enjoy discovering new fact of Japan. Furthermore, I read atlas to enjoy virtual trip. Surprisingly, place that you have heard will not know where it is. By reading atlas, you can find them where they are like “Oh! It’s THE New York!” In my case, I was excited when I found the place where the yellow stone national park, which is famous of a geyser. Of course, I knew there is the yellow stone national park in the US before that. Then I enjoy the virtual trip on 2D with imagining as I’m in the yellow stone. Thus, you can have more knowledge by reading atlas. In conclusion, reading atlas gives exciting experience to you. You can know about your country more and more. Also, you can enjoy 2D trip on the atlas. This is how to play alone if only you have atlas. It was a great, not sad play for me who don’t have siblings. I don’t have even smartphone in that time. Why don’t you read atlas?
Nov 11, 2021 5:34 PM