I’ve been a portrait photographer for practically ten years. This is obviously my major hobby where I’ve obtained a pretty professional level. I have been self-studying and it's an outcome of hard work. Art is a big concept for me which means doing something unique. I've been perceiving photography as a common occupation that is rather easy to learn. That's why I apparently feel like more an artisan than an artist and this is not just a kind of false modesty. Contemporary there’s a good deal of impressive amateur photographers. This leisure activity is presently more available than in the past due to digitalization. We can admire thousands of marvellous photographs which are published simultaneously every day on the internet. In this incredible volume of pictures, there is also a lot of trash but I wouldn't like to complain about it. This is unbelievable literally how many people get passionate in the sphere of photography. Personally, I feel profoundly grateful for being a representative of this worldwide community. There is also a narrow group of authors who've been evidently regarded as artists and the others have been trying to follow in their footsteps. Genuine art breeds creativity. It’s been common that contemporary visual arts drew inspiration from painting. On the territory of portrait photography, we can perceive a tremendous impact made by classical Dutch painters, exclusively by Rembrandt. Photographers have been analyzing his masterpieces and trying to adopt his lightning technique. He was using soft light to separate his model from a darkened background and applying a specific way to light a human's face which is currently named “Rembrandt Lighting”. The figure's face is half-illuminated and on the shadowed side has a small inverted triangle of light below the eye. This style provides a dramatic climate to the picture. Rembrandt's graceful masterworks gave photography a set of guidelines and foundations in the form of ready-made lighting setups.
Nov 15, 2021 10:04 PM
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Wow! I loved to learn about that! So your photos on basement are Rembrandt Lighting?! 😯🙂
November 15, 2021