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"Fire Chicken and Fries the minute you see them. They haven't shown for three days and I'm fed up." "Are you sure we can do without Fries. After all, most of our customers are French speaking, and Fries is from France. He is the only translator we have. And besides, he really needs this job." "French Fries can find work elsewhere - in Canada for all I care. And we can manage without a translator like Fries." "What about Chicken then? I've never seen anyone braver than him. Last time there was an attempted robbery he--" "So Chicken is never chicken, huh? But we don't need a non-chicken that never shows up for work, do we? "So you want me to fire them?" "Yup. And could you please order some Fire Chicken and French Fries for me if you're not too busy. All this agitation have made me hungry." "By the way, did you know that Chicken is a great chef as--" "Get out of here!"
Nov 20, 2021 12:25 PM