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Want to listen to an English speaker that grew up in the United States? You can click on the audio recording that I did in this post! Give it a listen! I'm from Ohio. That is in the Midwest. I'm also a community tutor on Italki.
5 mar 2021 14:25
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5 mar 2021 15:19
Hey! My name is Luana (by the way I've always been curious on how a English speaker would say my name - is it complicated for you to say it?) and I am from Brazil, today is a rainy and cloudy day in my city. In my free time I enjoy reading books, watching series, going outside with my family, playing with my dog. Hope you're having a good day as well!
5 mar 2021 20:02
Hi, Alice, can we make a conversation?
5 mar 2021 15:21
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