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Hello! My name is Simay, I'm 25 years old and I’m psychologist. I want to improve my English, can you help me? I also teach Turkish, do you want to practice with me?
7 مارس 2021 11:27
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Hi! I'm running a speaking group with people from Brazil, the USA, Russia and not only) It'd be nice to see you coming! Apart from this I'm learning Turkish now what I really like:)
7 مارس 2021 12:54
My name is Alberto and I am a native Spanish speaker from Mexico city. I am an avid reader and language learner. in my free time I enjoy running, meditating and playing chess. I am sure that we could make a good team to practice languages. Please let me know if you are interested
7 مارس 2021 12:57
Hi Simay🤗 I would like to practice with you. I am pursuing my graduation in english literature My level is B2-C1 We can practice english in many ways Thank you for
8 مارس 2021 06:45
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