How long does it take your students to be comfortable to hear and respond in basic sentences? I am 4 or 5 months in and I still struggle to string 2 or 3 sentences together. I've hit a wall here and Im a little frustrated.
Nov 23, 2021 12:18 PM
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It depends on the student. I've had some students who were more attuned to sound. They usually spoke before learning how to read or write English. I've had others who learned to read and write English first. They enjoyed looking at written symbols and thinking about them, and acquired spoken English later. Some students start speaking right away, laughing off their errors. Others seemed unable to speak and mostly listen and read. Then, one day, they speak lots of sentences and never stop. Listening, speaking, writing, and reading are all different skills. The skills practiced grow the fastest. When you say four or five months, is this your total time learning English? If so, being only to say a few things is normal.
November 24, 2021
Hello, It always depends on the amount of work you/students put into it. I have students who do two classes per week and are committed to completing homework, while others do once per week and almost never finish homework. The ones devoting more time learn faster. Which language are you talking about?
November 23, 2021