Adventure in the sea - Do you guys know that it is already the 5th of may?- murmured Jack, with a melancholic voice-. All children are coming back to school today. - What a pity, what a pity!- observed Kiki the sparrow, with a voice as melancholic as the one of Jack - And all because of measles- announced Lucy, saddened- The first to caught it was Jorje when he came back home from holidays. Then it was Dolly, and she passed the virus to me. And then you caught it. - Well, but we all have gone out of quarantine already- said Dolly, from her corner of the room-. It is stupid on the part of the doctor to say that we need a change of scene before coming back to school. Isn’t there enough change already with coming back to school? I love so much attending summer course! - Yes… and I bet that I would have been part of the soccer team- answered Jorge, pulling back a lock of hair that fell on his forehead.- How happy would I be when I can get my hair cut again! I feel like a girl now that it has grown so much. The four kids caught the measles during holidays. Jack was the one that suffered the most, and Dolly had trouble with her eyes. She was in part responsible for that, because she had being forbidden to read and she was adamant to disobey the orders of the doctor. Now her eyes didn’t stop tearing up, and when the light was intense/strong, she blinked. - Dolly is not going to be able to study for the moment- had said the doctor harshly-. I guess that you thought you knew more than me, when you disobeyed my orders. You can count yourself lucky if you don’t need to use glasses for not having done what I said. - May god not allow that mum sends us to one of those horrible guesthouses on the sea shore-. Said Dolly-. She cannot come with us because she has accepted some kind of important job for the summer. I hope she doesn’t come up with the idea of searching a governess or something like that to accompany us. - A governess!- Exclaimed Jorge with disdain
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